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Mark S. Gaunya and Jennifer A. Borislow often refer to writing their books as “…a true labor of love.” Both are very passionate about the employee benefits industry & lowering insurance costs. To share their passion, Mark & Jennifer wrote their first book, Bend The Healthcare Trend, in 2009.

In 2014 Jennifer and Mark decided to write about another one of their passions, giving back. In “Inspire to Act” Jen and Mark recount their own stories, and stories shared with them along their travels about simple acts that can create a chain reaction of shared acts of kindness. They believe that positive connections with people have a direct impact on how we feel about ourselves and that sharing that feeling with others creates a wonderful spirit and enthusiasm that is both contagious and powerful. When you become Inspired to Act, you touch a life and sometimes, you inspire others to act as well.

Book Reviews

“…An insightful and practical book that provides intelligent counsel on how to create, evaluates, and manage consumer-driven health plans and employee wellness programs. Bend the Healthcare Trend is an important contribution to lowering healthcare costs and promoting individual responsibility.”
Kevin Counihan, Commonwealth Connector
“Inspire to act…An easy read with a powerful return on your investment. This book sparks your inherent desire to act, gives actionable ideas to take those steps in doing kind acts and help others do the same. More importantly it reminds you of the value and importance a single random act of kindness can be to the recipient. The stories and observations are inspiring. “
Mim Minichiello
“What was really inspiring was the stories everyone told at Jen’s house, and the thought, care and creativity that each and every person put into where the money would go, how she was able to make an impact on a group or individual and what it meant to her personally…”
Kiersten Peterson, Winston Flowers
“…Mark and Jennifer use their broad experience to unleash the power of consumer-driven health plans. They understand that consumer engagement is the essential complement to provider payment reform and have produced a book that is a must-read for any health insurance decision maker. Bend the Healthcare Trend offers real-life case studies and crystal clear writing that will help beginners and veterans alike create the right strategies for their employees.”
Eric H. Schultz, President and CEO, Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan

Bend the Healthcare Trend


Traditional health insurance options haven’t just failed to stop the bleeding they’ve also kept Americans in the dark and robbed them of choice. Everyone is responsible for a small part of healthcare spending, and individuals have the power to turn the situation around.

Inspire to Act


A simple act of kindness can brighten someone’s day. It can be what that person remembers about the day or what that person talks about. More often than not, it will inspire a person to act, to carry forward the beauty of that moment.

Inspire to Act for Kids


Because kindness has no age restriction we wrote a second book, “Inspire to Act for Kids.” In this book, we show the habit of living with an “attitude of gratitude” starts with family and is behavior that can be taught to children.

Mark S. Gaunya

Mark-S-Gaunya-e1395861097840Mark is a principal at Borislow Insurance and an employee benefits advisor with over 25 years of experience. He is a pioneer in the consumer-driven health plan space and the co-author of “Bend the Healthcare Trend.” Mark is passionate about the power of consumerism, health and wellness and its ability to revolutionize the healthcare industry and he has been quoted and published regionally and nationally.

Mark is passionate about living an attitude of gratitude and believes “inspiring others to act” is a commitment to culture and the community.

Jennifer A. Borislow

Jennifer-A-Borislow-e1395861085597Jennifer is the founding principal of Borislow Insurance, a recognized leader with over 30 years in the employee benefits industry, She is a co-author of “ Bend the Health Care Trend” and enthusiastic about engaging and educating consumers in taking charge of their own health care.

Jennifer is passionate about providing opportunities to lead and ” inspire to act”. Her vision of paying it forward is reflected in the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. She believes in creating stronger communities by encouraging simple acts of kindness.