About Strategic Vision Publishing

Mark S. Gaunya and Jennifer A. Borislow are both very passionate about the employee benefits industry & lowering insurance costs. To share their passion, Mark & Jennifer founded Strategic Vision Publishing in 2009 when they wrote “Bend The Healthcare Trend: How Consumer Driven Health and Wellness Plans Lower Insurance Costs”.

They feel that traditional health insurance options haven’t just failed to stop the bleeding—they’ve also kept Americans in the dark and robbed them of choice. Everyone is responsible for a small part of healthcare spending, and individuals have the power to turn the situation around. Strategic Vision Publishing focuses on changing all of that by emphasizing three core principals of Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP) and how they work together to lower insurance costs and improve the health and well-being of your employees.

CDHP’s put knowledge and power back into people’s hands.

Speaking of Books

“Bend the Healthcare Trend is a great read and a practical guide to implementing a Consumer-Driven Health Plan and wellness strategy. Importantly, the book supports the belief that an empowered and engaged workforce with access to good information will make better healthcare decisions.”
Douglas J. McKeown, Woodard & Curran
“…An insightful and practical book that provides intelligent counsel on how to create, evaluates, and manage consumer-driven health plans and employee wellness programs. Bend the Healthcare Trend is an important contribution to lowering healthcare costs and promoting individual responsibility.”
Kevin Counihan, Commonwealth Connector
“Mark and Jennifer use their broad experience to unleash the power of consumer-driven health plans. They understand that consumer engagement is the essential complement to provider payment reform and have produced a book that is a must-read for any health insurance decision maker. Bend the Healthcare Trend offers real-life case studies and crystal clear writing that will help beginners and veterans alike create the right strategies for their employees.”
Eric H. Schultz, Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan
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